Monday, January 10, 2011

This and That {at home}

Good morning friends. Hope you had a smashing weekend. Ours was not quite as spectacular as that, but that's due to the fact that little E now sounds like a barking dog. Not quite healthy yet but perhaps on the upswing? Though everyone else is healthy! 

Here's what I did this weekend - I spent some time ... reading (Little Bee), ... exploring new-to-me shops (Assemblage), ... eating disgustingly good food (Five Guys Burgers and Fries), ... celebrating more tiny birthdays (Chuck E Cheeses - AGAIN - arg!), ... preparing for dance classes (sigh - back to work - how I love to be "lazy"), ... paging through the new issue of Lucky (when did they become so small?), and finally, chilled at the movies (Country Strong - loved it - can't stop thinking about it). 

First things first, my 6 year old. Seriously?!
And then ... I found a picture of my outfit from last weekend's New Year's Eve (seems like ages ago already). A little late but here it is.
{sweater - Gap, belt - Aerie, skirt - J. Crew, boots - Michael Kors from T J Maxx}
 I asked my sister if I could share this clutch with you. It's so incredibly gorgeous in person and I hope these pictures do it a bit of justice. She received it for Christmas (from Anthropologie - but how could it not be?). 
 Made myself a few heavenly cups of tea this weekend. 
 And tried out my new (free!) IPhone app called Instagram. Pretty great little pictures.
 A flokati rug now offers a much cozier spot for our bums to get comfy fireside. 
 An interior shot of Assemblage. A sort of scrap booking and odds and ends kind of store, filled with oddities and vintage buttons, beads, pocket watches and more. Really inspiring. Looks like they offer book making classes and the little creations there are fantastical! (De Pere)
 Lots of dreamy snowfall over the weekend. Quite Narnia-esque in the backyard actually. 
 The shower curtain basking in the morning sun. 
My sick little man spent some time laying in my bed while Yo Gabba Gabba entertained him. (Taken with Hipstamatic app). You can tell how much weight he's lost, can't you? ha. 


  1. I hope Little E get's better soon! Parker's sure a handsome six year old! (really random fact coming up) He came into your lives a few months after I got my Papillon, Jazz.(I'm guessing) She's 6yrs and 9mos.

    DePere sounds like a wonderful place to explore. I think I should avoid it's tempting treasures though, I'll keep an eye on them here, at a safe distance. :)

  2. In the two weeks I've been away Parkie has grown up so much!!! Wow! Where did he come from? He's so handsome! Shhh...don't tell him I said so. :)

  3. Parker is Gorgeous. Poor little E being sick. Leyla sends her love. (she also loves Yo Gabba Gabba)


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