Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Snow Day

As I mentioned before, we were all home together today, enjoying the snow day blown our way. This is how things played out ...
 (We stayed in our jammies for most of the morning.)
 (Yesterday Elliot tripped and fell head first into the edge of his bookcase. It was a nasty owie seconds later.)
 (At lunch time we went to Grannie and Papa's house.)
(Little Charlie - 5 months (with my sister Daena))
 (He likes to practice rolling over and belly creeping across the floor.)
(He's also very, very ticklish!)
(After the cousins came in from the snow ...)
(Mr. Dylan Robbie)
 (Monty's not mad in this photo, he simply said, "Hey dad! Take my picture" and posed like this. I think he feels like a rockstar.)
(Parker chilling while his red cheeks turn to pink.)

As a side note, the man behind the camera seems to be feeling quite collaborative of late. So while I prepared the previous "fancy fur" post, he secretly created a new header for me and when I went to preview my post, there it was! It was originally in black and white and quite dismal (told him it reminded me of the "nightmare before Christmas"). So he changed it to something "very girly", he said. And there we have it. He said the blog needed a change. I told him that I loved that old tree. He said it needed a change. Fine.

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  1. Someone is having fun with the header! My vote is the above header with the picture of winter!:-)



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