Monday, February 21, 2011

Remix - Day 18 {fancy fur}

Today was a snow day! So we were all home together, kids and huz. A friend told me to put on my fur coat and get out there in that snow - go have some fun! I laughed at her and instead, I put on that fur coat and watched the boys sludging about through the window. 

Then we went over to Grannie's house (more photos to come) and the huz and I did a little shoot in her driveway. So I did end up taking her advice after all, though not as she intended I'm sure. Haha! Today I was a snow bunny after all ... scratch everything I said yesterday. 
{sunnies - Forever 21, fur coat - vintage store GB (now closed), scarf - Goodwill, blouse & jeans - Gap, snow boots - Target}


  1. Laughing......:-) Lovely, fabulous and FUN! The way fur is meant to be worn!!!


  2. A beautiful lady with love to give..I love the fur in the snow -- very graceful, and warm too I hope..
    You are an inspiration.


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