Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fur Collared Coats

 My world is white once again. So my latte and I are cozying up to the fire whilst the trees outside start to look tired under the weight of snow. More than that, they've become icily enchanted once again and I'm sure that a pale ice queen will be pounding through the snow in her glistening sleigh at any moment. I must just keep watching. 

This weekend I remembered a vintage coat that I've had stored away for a while now, and so I took it out for spin knowing that it would keep me nice and warm in this revival of winter. I wish I could tell you how wonderfully comfortable I am in the snow, how I adore making snow angels and building a snow man with the kids. Sledding down the nearby hill and snow shoeing through long, aching fields. But I'm not. I'm completely un-"romantic" in winter. I've been skiing a few times, so it's not necessarily for lack of trying. I'm just not a snow bunny and I'm not sure I ever will be. It's sort of sad really, don't you think? Or maybe not ...  I just really, really love to feel roasty toasty. Perhaps it's just the simple fact that I have the warmth of a South African sun running through my veins and I'm not capable of sporting in a wintry heap without melting (wait, that doesn't make sense). Anyway ... that's what I married a Wisconsin boy for. He can go play outside with these little men - go get 'em babe! 
{coat - Deco to Disco (Tulsa), ear rings - Loft, dress - Forever 21, belt - Gap, cardi & tights - Express, shoes & ring - T J Maxx}

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  1. kirsty, you are such a gorgeous mommy! love this post!


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