Monday, February 14, 2011

Remix -Day 12 {pink blossoms}

 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! In honor of this love laden day I have worn a pink scarf, simply because there was no red or pink in my remix wardrobe this month. Once again, thank goodness for accessories which so easily provide a little "sparkle" to a blank canvas. And any spring-y touch to an outfit gives me heaps of happiness. It's the same every year. When spring unfolds, my obsession with longing for sequins is always replaced with one for flowers - I'm ever so predictable. 
{blouse - Gap, scarf - Old Navy, bracelets - unknown antique store, jeans - Forever 21, boots - South Africa}

Check out the lovelies at our Valentine giveaway! {Pretty chandelier and cameo drop ear rings with sweet scrolls for handwritten love notes. }


  1. This outfit is very cute! I lov eyour scarf and those boots are adorable!

  2. Like very much. :)
    I hear you on the flowers, Target has the coolest apparel with flowers all over them and I want them all so much. Maybe they will make it to the sale rack?


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