Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remix - Day 13 {a little leopard}

 I have now worn every single piece in my collection of 24 and boy oh boy, it's becoming cumbersome to look at those same 24 each day, much less wear them. And I'm just barely over half way! (this is good for me. this is good for me :). There are definitely a few "I wish I had (this) instead of (that)" moments right now. But I shall press on!
 {necklace - gift from mom, sexy cardi & jeans - Gap, top - Aerie, belt - Somewhere in Time antiques (GB), boots - Sam Edelman}

Scuse the lack of focus here. It's quite tricky to get the focus right when it's timed. At least you can see the wood grain on the table behind me perfectly. 

Lovely day all! I'm dying for a cupcake today - eat one for me, would you?

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