Friday, February 25, 2011

Remix - Day 22 {all things blue}

I have another outfit ready for you but I thought I'd add my inspiration for today - the color blue. I see it when I pick through my jewelry, when I open my closet and search my shoes, and here and there around my home. It just happens to be my favorite color today (and many other days too). Okay, I also happen to be completely smitten with these puppies and their color and pattern may have influenced this collection a bit. 
Delicately flowered Dr. Martens, the perfect combination of girly and edgy. 
{Free People, boys shoes - Gymboree}
A few more pretties all in calm blues. The bracelet is one I've kept from high school and the cuff links are something from my younger years in South Africa. The peacock feather ear rings were a gift from my grandfather many years ago, long before dangling feathers from your ears was popular. He's always been so ahead of the trends :) (if only he could read this - my grandparents have a large case of computer intimidation which prevents much of this from reaching them - I really need a snail in SA to hand deliver my letters to them (anyone?)). The perfume holder is a new gift from my mother-in-law from an antique store and the ceramic jug something I couldn't resist at T J Maxx. The mirrored tray is from Goodwill and though it's perfect for pretty trinkets it has replaced the winter painting on my art wall. 
 And my outfit today, also brimming with blue goodness. 
{all clothing - Gap, ear rings - American Eagle, ring - Target, shoes - UO}

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