Saturday, February 26, 2011

Remix - Day 23 {almost there!}

Happy weekend to you! Hope you're having a brilliant one so far and getting much accomplished. You may have noticed my incredible new header (was actually in the creation process while all the header fiddling was going on). Isn't it beautiful? It was sketched and then painted in watercolors by the very talented Rachel. (If you'd like her contact info, just let me know.) I thought I'd tell you how it came about and what it means to me. 

I asked if she could sketch me sitting on a tree branch, the tree being important for 2 reasons actually. The first, my blog's first "real" header was that gorgeous tree with sweet little dresses hanging from it's branches, so a little nod to the old. Secondly and most importantly, this tree is representative of my immediate family and our family tree all the way through. Much of what I journal here is about how their lives have affected or influenced my own, from my boys and my man, all the way through those branches to the tippy top where my grand parents and great grandparents reside (still a part of my everyday, whether they know it or not)

I wore my favorite dress (of all time), a spring floral that I wore when I lived in South Africa (and even in a very funny family picture from the early 90's with big hair all over the place) and still love to wear today. I also wore my favorite studded boots, my first investment shoe (haha)

And then I asked her to draw the little birds, my 3 precious-beyond-words little boys, the loveliest of the lovelies in this life of mine. Parker is green, Monty blue, and my little E yellow. Their favorite colors (and E is my sunshine). So that's my story and she captured it all so perfectly. Thanks so much to Rachel for her beautiful work. 
 {necklace - Express, tank - Forever 21, sweater - Tulle from Besselli (GB), brooches - antique store, jeans & belt - Gap, boots - T J Maxx}

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