Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Remix - Day 7 {Blushing Cardi}

 The skinnnies are out to play again today, as well as this (sexy?) cardi in a blushing nude (*sexy indeed ;).  No sensational remixes today as the true challenge of it all has not yet come my merry way. I've yet to really get through all 30 items, well tops at least. We're still on round 1. 
*I'm particularly fond of the Notting Hill reference to the usually un-alluring cardi, so when I refer to it as being sexy (and I do quite often) it's just because I get myself into fits of hysterics each time I remember that silly phrase. Doesn't take much folks.
{cardi - Gap, button down - H&M, belt & jeans - Forever 21, boots - T J Maxx}
The huz took a picture of me blogging ... hard at work.
Parker swiped our camera this morning, just before school, and captured several cute moments. Here they are...
He decorated our picture board with hearts for his mom. 
 Little E, reading like a big boy - upside down. 


  1. Very cute...or should I say sexy? Love the color of the cardi and the hot pink belt. I also love your hair. I need to try that.


  2. Love the color of that cardigan!


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