Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dress Meets Decor

Hello friends! As I'm enjoying my blogs and coffee this morning, I've just come across this spectacular interior with it's stunner of a dress. Which reminded me ... I think I've seen this before. 
My shower curtain! Isn't that funny? All I need to do is add a bit of gorgeous black and beads to the top and off I go. 
On a similar note (I promise) - My husband's cousin's band "Gungor" has been nominated for 2 Grammy awards, one of which is "Best Gospel Song". Incredible, I know! In fact, the title song "Beautiful Things" is the one that the huz sang at little E's baby dedication. Anyway, I happened to see that his wife was wondering what she should wear to the Grammys. What a wonderful concern to have! I'm not sure what she's decided on, but I know what I'd wear if I had to go. Just needs a few alterations but it obviously has great potential!

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