Thursday, March 10, 2011

Azure Feature {geometric ruffles}

Outfit #4 - a fancy date night 
(hint, hint mister)
This is my last outfit post featuring some of the lovelies from Azure's fantastic little boutique. I was drawn to this blouse because of it's one shoulder (something I've been longing to try out for a while now) and it's interesting shape. The sleeve on this is so amazing and we whipped up a little wind machine for you guys, just to demonstrate how dramatic it really is (haha - just pulling your leg - the wind blew circles around us all morning long). 
This gorgeous (softest of) suede oversized clutch has the coolest exposed zippers. I thought it went well with the tribal ring, almost the length of my entire finger (yes, that means you can't actually bend it but it's well worth the sacrifice) and it's zig zag pattern to match. Everything was very geometric in print with this little ensemble, again, something very "new" to me but a look I totally loved and must try again.  
Outfit details: Azure 
one shoulder blouse - Jay Godfrey - $179
pencil leg jeans - J Brand - $158
ring - House of Harlow - $55
clutch - J. J. Winters - $249

Thank you so much to Azure for allowing me to come in and frolic about in your clothing! You can find them at

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