Friday, March 11, 2011

Etsy Faves

Happy Friday friends! I've been clicking through Etsy this week on the prowl for pretty spring ideas for my home. The dreadful fall landscape painting has retired for the spring/summer and now I have a gorgeous frame to fill. Here are a few ideas that I think would work wonderfully. 
Whimsical photograph prints in varied sizes ...
Alice B Gardens - $14
Alice B Gardens - $8.40
Alicia Bock - $35
{Hey Zee - $40}
I think I may have to finally make my butterfly purchase. I keep coming back to these little pretties and I think butterflies (in a softer papaya) taking flight within that grand frame would be just perfect. 
{Hip and Clavicle - $19}
Pops of turquoise and blue are always a fun spring addition. 
{Mandolin Goose - $28}
{Old New Again (based in Green Bay!) - $45}
Such a cute accent pillow!
{Sukan Art - $55.50}
And a happy wreath to greet your guests. 
{Knock Knocking $45 - (and a friend's similar store Felt by Nature!)}


  1. Get them all and change them throughout the week! :D

  2. I love them all!

    I wondered if you ever stumbled upon this website. There are tons of unique outfits and a lot of vintage stuff there too.

  3. Love them! This is another etsy-like site that has some great stuff as well...


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