Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pants, Oh the Pants!

 I've recently discovered the fashion-linked term "man repeller" and I realized that there are plenty of items in my wardrobe that fit the bill. Such items might include big, unnecessary glasses, certain hats, oversized fur vests, ankle socks (under heels), mid-calf skirts, oversized rings, and high waist pants. I'm sure I could find more; certainly there's plenty seen coming down the runways. Haha! Well, this pair of wildly flowered pants is one of those dear lovelies that makes me oh-so happy but quite possibly would make the huz avoid being seen in a room with me. I'm lucky he was willing to photograph me at all, hanging out together in our driveway for the world to see.  
{sunnies - Betsy Johnson from T J Maxx, top - Gap, bracelet - T J Maxx, pants - Target, boots - Bakers}
Big, juicy grapes at lunch (preceded by mac and cheese, what you're seeing on the cheeks). 
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  1. LOVE these pants...and would love them in shorts too!!


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