Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something Yummy

This morning I'm snacking on hot cross buns. Reminds me of when we were kids and those delicious English delicacies we indulged in in South Africa, which these don't even come close to. But they're still good, especially warmed up and smeared with butter. Yes, I know ... but it can be our little secret. 
And an outfit to match (well, sort of)! I've been dying to whip out my fuschia tights of late, inspired by several (color blocking enthusiast) fashion bloggers that just love their brightly colored tights. I wasn't brave enough to punch up the color all the way to my neck, so instead I added this ruffled skirt with tiny flowers in the same happy pink. And I'm excited to haul out my ancient braided belt once again (back from my young-and-free Hollister wearing days ;). It seems to be going everywhere with me lately. 
{All quite old: blazer - Express, sweater - Gap, belt - Hollister, skirt - Charlotte Russe, tights - Target, boots - Goodwill}


  1. Love the Fuschia Tights...I think I might need to get some ;)

  2. Kirsty,

    That jacket is my FAVORITE! The fuschia tights look great!



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