Monday, April 4, 2011

A Favorite Romper

I'm a big fan of rompers and have several in my closet that vary in shape and size (even wore one here when I was pregnant with little E!). I referred to them lovingly (in one of my very first posts) as the adult onesie, a comfy counterpart to the onesie sitting on my hip. I found this one recently at Target and immediately hauled it into the dressing room just for it's gorgeous print alone. There's so much about it that I love ... the stretchy top half (actually strapless so perfect for the eventual heat and humidity of summer) with it's ruffled detail and buttons. And the shorts on the bottom that begin at just the right spot in the waist and end at a flattering length. I thought I'd take on the challenge of turning this breezy summer piece into a layered, warmer, dressed up ensemble so that I can get my wear out of it starting right away! 
This belt broke soon after I purchased it. In fact, it was the first time I wore it. I tried hot gluing it back together cause I loved it so much and I wasn't willing to get myself back into an Anthro store (an hour and a half) away to exchange it. So that's why the wooden clasp looks a little beat up.

{blazer - New York and Co, romper - Target, belt - Anthropologie, bracelets - Target and antique store, clogs - Urban Outfitters}

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  1. you're such a lovely and beautiful mommy! love the belt- such a bummer it broke :( thanks for the sweet post!


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