Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little Bit Country - Little Bit Rock 'N Roll

Happy Sunday! I'm actually listening to the thunder rumbling it's croaky voice through our back yard. April showers are here, I suppose, and finally the slushee white still clinging to our ground is melting into pools. Yesterday little E and I tromped about in the sludge while the big boys recouped (indoors) after their  sleepover at cuz's house.
Daena and I used to wear this in middle school, as a dress. I thought it worked wonderfully now as a jacket. The whole thing actually felt a little bit country on top, a little bit rock 'n roll underneath. The perfect mama outfit, comfy enough for nitty gritty playtime but cute enough for my little business meeting over juice (who needs coffee anymore? grind me up a shot of wheatgrass and I'll apparently have the energy equivalent to 6 cups of coffee!). 
I love these shoes. Sort of a summer ankle boot, with it's surprising cut out that gives it the look of a ballet flat and it's wrap around buckle detail. So cool. 
 {tank - Banana Republic, necklace & jeans - Forever 21, dress worn as jacket - South Africa, ring - Disney World, shoes - gift from mom, Express

Dear little E-
This month has been brutal to your little nose and throat. You've been sick more than you've felt well, poor thing. So though we seemed to be moving in the direction of just one nap a day, you're back to two since you've been feeling yucky. I was excited about the one though, as it allows us to get out and do more "mommy and me" things together but oh well, hopefully soon. We are starting a swimming class in a couple of weeks which should be fun! I look forward to splashing around with you; just you and me baby. It's funny cause you're saying "off" now for just about everything. But the cool thing is that most of the time, it works. So everyone thinks you're super duper smart (yes! of course, you are) cause you'll point at the TV in the room at the clinic and say "off" and the doc will say, "Yes, it is off!" Those sorts of situations happen all of the time, and it's so funny, cause a couple of weeks ago it was "on". You just changed your mind. 

This is how you played outside yesterday ... a progression from "inquisitive" to "wheeee!" to "enough already" and back to "yahoo!". Yikes - such mood swings.
{On E: hoodie - Old Navy, jeans - Gap, squeaker shoes - Sweet Pea (GB)}


  1. Does wheat grass taste good and where did you get some?

  2. Didn't have that particular juice actually but I became well-informed of it's greatness. :)

  3. This is one of my favorites! What creative use of a dress! LOVE IT!


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