Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Extraordinary Day

It started out like any other ... kid's waking up noisily, coffee brewing heady through the house, and me grinding my teeth as I begrudgingly peeked the after effects of yet another infuriating snow storm (don't remember a winter quite like this). But the weather outside soon became meaningless as I clicked open my gmail, something I'd forgotten to check in over a week, and I scrolled across an email that left me quite dumb founded. It was from an associate producer at The Nate Berkus Show. What? To me? Is someone playing a wildly fantastic joke on me? Hours later, after a whirlwind day, I was back where I started and completely spent from the sheer excitement, the shaky stress, and the questions endlessly rolling through my mind. Here's what happened (well, in a nutshell). 

They saw our home on Apartment Therapy and they thought it was beautiful. Yes, that's what she said! They were interested in hearing more about my life and my house, but most specifically, about my thrift and vintage finds. It was for a segment called "House Proud", one where they would focus on bargain thrifting and flea market finds. 4 emails and 2 phone calls later, I'm on the phone with the producer and she's asking me a ton of questions I never thought I'd have to answer or explain to anyone (I felt somewhat ill-prepared, my mind searching for "clever" anecdotes about my life and decorating style, hearing myself answering her questions and giggling nervously. Be cool girl!). The craziest part? If our home was picked for this segment, a crew would be sent out to GB for a house tour (MTV cribs is what first rolled through my head and I thought, how could I be cool enough to do something like that?) and then ... get this, they would fly me to New York on Monday, THIS MONDAY, and I'd literally be on the show which tapes on Tuesday. Me, sitting next to Nate Berkus on a daytime talk show. What is going on here? 

So that's how my evening ends. I have no idea if I'm "in" or not, but I'm completely honored for this unbelievable attention. There may be 10 other options for them. Who knows. It's just been such a crazy and surreal experience and I'm so amazed that this blog has in fact done something so unexpected and incredible for me. I think it ended there, as I'm sure that plans would have had to be made already if all of this were to be accomplished by Tuesday. Yesterday seems ages ago already and I'm wondering if perhaps it was just a dream I had last night. A very wonderful dream! 

This is what I wore on my extraordinary day. 
{hat - Target, vest - Azure (GB), dress - T J Maxx, jeggings - New York and Co, boots - Dr Martens from Free People}

Welcome to all the new readers that are coming this way! I'm so happy to have you here and I hope you love what you see enough to stick around. Green Bay's "You" magazine is now out on news stands and my "article" is in it, or so I've heard. I've not seen it yet! Don't forget to enter the Starbucks giveaway as today is your last day to do so! Have a beautiful day, everyone. 

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