Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kid's Party Inspiration

My little Monty's birthday party is in June and summer time is simply my favorite season to throw a backyard party (my own fiesta is just around the corner!). So lately I've had kid's parties on my mind again and I'm searching for inspiration for Monty's 4th birthday. I recently created a few party boards for Apples mag and I thought I would share Elliot's "Little Man" party with you, just in case you missed it.

There are so many cute and quirky details to make your little man's party fun and memorable. Here's how to create a "little man" party from head to toe  -

~ Create a photo booth by hanging a fun piece a fabric on a wall and make a mustache on a stick for silly photos by cutting a stache out of felt and hot gluing it to a skewer. 
~ Serve "tiny" foods like mini cupcakes (made from a yummy banana bread mix), tiny bagel sandwiches, mini fruit cups, and tiny caramel apples (ours was in October).
~ Get crafty by covering pre-made party hats in pretty craft papers (ours were from Hobby Lobby) and create a tiny fridge out of a streamer by folding the streamer in half, sewing it down the center, and fringing it with a scissors. You can even top it with a mini pom pom.
~Decorate your cupcakes with homemade toppers by cutting out triangles out of the same craft papers (to match the party hats) and glue them onto toothpicks.  
~ Top your favor bags with little ties cut from cute fabrics and secured with clothes pins. 
~ Line the walkway to your home with balloons as a grand entrance by tying the balloon's ribbon to a skewer and then securely poking them into the ground.

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