Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying out the Turban

I'm completely & whole heartedly obsessed with this head wrapping fad. I don't know why it's taken me so long to really fall in love and give it a try, as I've seen it done for a while now. But I'm smitten and now wrapping everything I see around my head (grabbed the table cloth scarf yesterday and the one hanging on my lampshade today - easy to add an accessory whenever it tickles you when they're laying about the house on every available surface). So ... the question is, does it make me look retro cool or is it just plain weird? I have to admit that I'm pretty sure my "nanny" growing up wore something similar around her head and even if not quite like this, I still am reminded of her each time I look in the mirror (my SA friends will "understand" :). I followed this tutorial, it's very simple and she looks amazing, and it worked on my first try (have tried other tutorials that didn't quite cut it). And since my hair is in dire need of a color and bang cut, turbans are my newest staple. 

*Warning - They are indeed man repelling. Each time the huz sees me wrapped up like this he looks a little horrified. Also was made fun of by "the stylish guy". Whatevs dudes. Let's have the ladies decide. 
And a side note, last night the huz and I went out for sushi! (I did not wear my genie pants though). 


  1. I am voting "for" the turban! I'll be trying it...I also like that your earring selection is not overwhelming with it.


  2. I love this look - I wonder if it would work with the hair down after it is wrapped as a way to hold it back, too. I have to try it!


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