Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out to Brunch - Popsicle Orange

I've decided to try to categorize my outfits, grouping them into themes such as the aforementioned "out to brunch" or others such as "date night", "let's party!", "comfy casual", etc. This does not mean that I am doing any of those things in that particular outfit and on that blessed day, though goodness, I would love to be that busy and important all of the time! But I'll label these everyday looks into event categories, so that all you rockin' mamas and sassy singles out there (haha - cheesy) might draw a little inspiration for a similar event coming your way. Let's give this a try, shall we?
An orange blouse in a hue scrumptious enough to freeze on a stick. A cardi to help me brave the chill (will.not.wear.coat.anymore) accented with a pretty flower brooch. Skinnies and wedges finish it off, the latter being a complimentary splash of melon and madarin. And then my tiny purse, a thrift find a few year's ago and so similar to several in grandma's closet. But in a white that's perfect for summer. 

{cardi - Gap, blouse & jeans - Forever 21, tank & brooch - Target, purse - thrifted, shoes - Nine West at T J Maxx}

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