Saturday, April 16, 2011

Polka Dotty - Leopard Spotty

"Let's Go Shopping!"
Perhaps you're heading to Milwaukee or Dallas for a little shopping day with the girls. Well, this ensemble could work nicely - comfortable , cute, layered. I've seen the polka dot/leopard pairing done a few times around the fashion blogger web lately and though I'm not sure if I could pull of an entire outfit made only of those 2 prints (a tricky match, I think), a little dash of leopard with my dots is really cute and daring enough for me (actually, I first did it here).
 As you can see, Sweaty McSweatpants was out there posing with me. So funny! I assume it's the very popular "hands on hips" pose. Gap, Gymboree - we're trained and ready! Call us. ;)

{necklaces - South Africa, cardi - Forever 21, blouse - T J Maxx, belt - Somewhere in Time (GB), jeans - Gap, shoes - Urban Outfitters}

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