Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wind Blown

 We had to hold onto each other to keep from blowing away yesterday. Okay fine, we didn't, but we did struggle to keep our eyes open in that manic wind. So outfit pictures were all kinds of silly. 
This skirt was a Halloween rack find at Goodwill several years ago. I had to wait for high waisted skirts to become cool again before I could wear it, as the waist was always too tight. So the time is now! It's pretty fabulous because it's a full circle skirt, which means there's lots of twirling power in this sucker, and it reminds me of the character skirts we used to wear in dance as kids. Maybe it was one once upon a time?
Silly boyz.
 {jacket - Gap, t - J. Crew, belt & sandals - Target, skirt - Goodwill}
 Newly recovered pillows (my mom's doing - thank you!). Fabrics found half off at Hobby Lobby and also from Goodwill. You never have to pay more than $3 for a "new" pillow when there's a seamstress handy. What an awesome skill to have! It's that one thing that I regret not mastering. Sewing with a machine intimidates me to no end. Have any of you picked it up later in life? Is there still hope?
(edit: "later in life" sounds sorta funny now, reading back. Like it's picking up rhythmic gymnastics at 30-something. What I mean is, after you've had kids and life seems too busy for a good book never-mind  sewing.) 
Lovely day to all!

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  1. I got a glimpse of you and your beautiful son at church last night and thought you looked fabulous. I chuckled to myself as I realized I recognized you there from your blog. Anyway, I was again in awe of your perfect sense of style as I sat there in my 1980's hairdo, yucky blue jeans and the shredded coat that my 84 year old uncle wrapped me in one day when I was over at his house looking chilly. So much sentimental value, but such a rag. hehehehe


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