Monday, May 16, 2011

On the Go Mamma

"Grocery shopping and errand hopping"
First order of business today - make my house look "livable" again, meaning vacuum, load laundry, wash dishes, pick up toys, restock fridge. All those must-do things that seemed so trivial last week when I had bigger things to worry about. So my home was a shambles and now it is slightly better. Little E and I ran to the grocery store this morning and I donned a favorite pair of uber comfy pants, my version of the irksome sweat pant, and off we went. I love these for so many reasons: 
1. They cost a mere $9.95 and look like similar trousers I've seen online for oodles. 
2. I can dance in them.
3. I can be casual in them. 
4. I can be fancy in them. 
5. I can be anything I want to be in them.
Get my point? So, I decided to style it two ways today, demonstrating the versatility of these baby's and transitioning them from day time to night time. You may remember these posts (here and here), where I did something similar. Seemed you liked the "day to night" thing, so I will try to do it more!
Side note - it just so happens that the Apples article in which these images are featured will be on Green Bay "news-stands" this Friday, so keep your eyes peeled!

Day Time
 This necklace means the world to me! A dear friend recently gave it to me and it has the prettiest ballet dancer (in an attitude position) within it's glassy depths. It has such special meaning as I taught her beautiful little lady (who is just 5) her first ballet solo and we worked hard on her attitude. :) Thank you Jess!
{denim jacket - Hollister (yes, it's ooold), necklace - Forever Andrea at Etsy, t - J. Crew, slouchys - Aerie, sandals - Express}

For night - 
Just add a sparkly statement around the neck and a pair of gorgeous heels and you're headed out the door to a romantic dinner for two! 
(and no, I am not pregnant, but this picture sure looks like a tiny baby bump!)
 {necklace - Anthropologie, ring - antique market, heels - Target, lips - Maybelline "Coral Crush"}

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