Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Cake Bonanza!

Monty's 4th birthday is this weekend and we're gearing up for a swim party. So as I'm planning the little details, I've been scouring the birthday blogs to see what inspiration I might find for a beachy, swimmy, fun in the sun bash. Though I don't plan to go quite as "all out" as I did with Elliot's 1st (it was completely divine but so time consuming to prepare for), I still hope to include some sweetness with the edibles. Cakes are always the perfect place to start! 

Here are a few yummies that provide oodles of cakespiration and make me not only smile, but positively drool (not all kiddie cakes, mind you, just delish). 
{top - martha stewart, all others - birthday girl blog}
{above - a hummingbird cake ... sigh}
I thought those streamers were a really cute idea. I'll share pics from the party next week so you can see how everything turned out. Hopefully the weather plays along nicely with us!


  1. The streamers are my favorite too.

  2. Great ideas! Can't wait to see the pictures of Monty's party!:-)



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