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Fancy Feature - The Galleria

Afternoon friends! Today I'm sharing a very sweet "interior inspiration" store with you, one nestled into the amazing backdrop of a beautiful old school house, the perfect place to have such a boutique. The owner is a friend of mine and I recently visited the Galleria to see what sorts of little things I might find. I was completely delighted by what I found as there were many odds and ends that I would have been happy to bring home with me, ranging from antique furniture to handmade leather bags, vintage purses and even a handmade spoon bracelet. The Galleria has that feeling you get when you're in Door County, the same quaint and charming ambiance but without the drive! You're sure to find inspiration for your own home and there's even a spot to relax with friends over a cup of coffee. 

Let's have a little look, shall we?
 Christie, the owner, made this impressive tree from curly willow branches, a dramatic in-store nod to the tree featured in their logo.
I asked Christie a few questions so that we could get to know her a bit better.

1. How did the Galleria come to be/get started?

After more than 15 years of being an interior decorator and working with my clients to re-design their homes with all their own furniture, artwork and accessories, the vision grew to opening a business that would accommodate the needs for changing the look and feel of our homes. Out of the desire to change homes came the vision to change hearts and relationships as well.  The hunt began to find a location to accommodate a place for decor consignment, a place to gather with friends and loved ones and a place to offer classes and events to assist us on learning how to achieve change in our personal lives and homes. With prayer and seeking I was directed to the school house at Olde School Square in DePere, Wisconsin.  A 102 year old school house filled with all the character and charm of days gone by.  The uniqueness of this building allowed me to have the space to showcase all the beautiful decor and artisans works that are showcased at the Galleria, as well as a space to invite one to come and sit a spell and catch up with friends in the school house loft. As a bonus, the Fieldstone room in the lower level of the school house is where events and classes are held, allowing a separate space from the retail and gathering place in our loft.  We offer a multi-functional place to come and visit and you should do so often because transformation happens daily at the Galleria!

2. What inspires you when you're decorating?

The two elements that inspire and create the greatest impact in decorationg are color and texture.  Color creates emotion and will set the pace for the look and, most of all, the feel of a room.  One of the best ways to determine what color to choose is to first ask if you are drawn to a warm or cool pallet.  Once this is determined choose the color(s) that inspire you.  It could be from a piece of artwork or fabric on furniture.  If it's a warm pallet choose colors that have a yellow tone.  If it's a cool pallet choose colors with a blue tone.  It will all begin to balance out and set the emotional connection in your room.  When adding texture to a room this is the bonus that often times is forgotten or missed.  Texture embraces the personality of the homeowner that will complete the signature look of who you are in your home.

 3. Which home goods store is your personal favorite?

I don't even have to think about this one . . . TJ Maxx, yup I'm hooked for fashion as well as home decor. And I personally love the journey and venture of second hand and always look forward to the treasure hunt.

Thanks so much Christie!

Here are a few of my favorites finds.
 These stained glass windows are just so beautiful but that one below is especially impressive as it's the frame to a mirror sitting grandly above a multifunctional table/dresser. Wow!
And these vintage clutches are to die for.
The whimsical spoon bracelet I mentioned earlier, followed by stunning jewelry, pretty tea time accessories, and a nostalgic suitcase.
I adore their hand made leather bags and that wicker head board.
 If you're in the GB/De Pere area (or coming this way for a visit), take a moment to stop by and explore the Galleria's nooks and crannies (and grab an ice cream at The Gem on George :). You're sure to find something that pulls at your heart strings. 

Till tomorrow!

The Galleria
Olde School Square  
2200 Dickinson Road  DePere  

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