Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspiration is Everywhere!

When I started this blog (almost 2 years ago!) it was, first and foremost, a spot for me to file away the oodles of inspiration I came across on a daily basis. I was so astonished and enraptured by the beautiful things photographed and then glued into cyberspace and those images sort of got me out of my funk at the time. You see, while I felt so incredibly passionate about many things in my 20's (painting, dancing, poetry, travel, music) I'd found myself completely uninspired creatively after having 2 kids. I suppose it's the obvious reasons really - not much time, too tired to pursue much personally, at times overwhelmed with child raising responsibilities (always delighted by their milestones), but honestly quite happy where I was. I didn't really realize the lack for anything and had not necessarily yearned to say, take an oil painting class again. But then I discovered this world of blogging and it was like a gigantic gasp, of sorts, one that led me from one blog to another ... and you know how that goes. It somehow connected me with hundreds of completely inspired people, people that seriously impressed me (it's the same sort of feeling I would likely get if I went to some sort of artiste event {or camp - do we still camp?}, one where you'd meet loads of artistic people who share their soulful talents with you and who leave you completely inspired and ready to go! - at least that's the best example I can come up with :). I inevitably rediscovered that creative side of me, the one that had remained dormant for some while. Soooo, I am endlessly thankful for what has happened here. Silly, sorta, because I had not tapped into that on my own, you know? But it's just life. While I am very happy where I am, I happen to live in a city that isn't particularly inspiring to me. It's not a fashionable place, not ultra cultured, and I'm sure I'm not blowing anyone's mind here (most locals would likely agree - though GB, you have beautiful options for a family, so don't be sad!). And of course my true love lays in fashion, the things that's really lacking the most (saves me money in the long run, I'm sure, so all for the best!).

All this to say a simple, thank goodness for this crazy bloggy-sphere cause it's kept me on my creative toes and encouraged me to stretch and flex those muscles a bit, ultimately opening an entirely new world to me, one that even included opportunities I'd never dreamed of pursuing before. So way to go internet (and users)! You're pretty great.

And now for a collection of pictures from my most recent inspiration files...
{1, 3, 6, 10 & 15 - here, 5, 8, & 13 - here, 2 & 11 - here, 3 - here, 4 - here, 7 & 9 - here, 12 - here, 14, 16, 17 - here}

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