Thursday, June 2, 2011

Soccer Mom

 Well, I don't know about all that, though I did take the boys to soccer yesterday and Parker did score 5 goals! So what if there were only 4 kids playing, 2 of which were girls. Makes no difference to him! I'm just thrilled that he had so much time with the ball and boy, was that a huge boost for him. P is my laid back little man, preferring to sit on the grass and blow the dandelions rather than run around with his brother. So confidence is what he needs and I think he found some last night. Way to go buddy. :)

Yesterday began with a party in the park and though my outfit was similar (this is actually a romper, first seen here), it was slightly more dressed up with a chambray shirt that I switched out for an old Gap t-shirt (from in the 90's, as you might tell from the logo, though I cut the neckline a bit) and some tennies. So this could nearly be one of those day to night posts ... well, rather morning to afternoon or party to practice ... though without the first outfit pics. Okay, so it's really not much like those posts at all but if you could just imagine with me how these "shorts" might transition from fancy to un-fancy, then my ramblings would have paid off. Right?
{hat & romper (similar here) - Target, shirt - Gap, bracelets - South Africa, shoes - Old Navy}


  1. Kirsty,

    Those are such cute tennis shoes! Maybe, just maybe, I'd take a break from my flip flops for those tennis shoes!:-)


  2. Kirsty,
    so last night i had dinner with two lovely people i'd like to call Oom Lathan and Tannie Lynn :) The beautifull tannie lynn was having a Lobster thermador...with ...wait for it...pap and chakalaka.can u believe it? anyway i was telling her how i love ur blog and check it almost every day! Its inspiring and beautifull and tastefull and absolutely everything that i love ! i really hope to visit your cold town one day and go shopping with you guys, and meet all the beautifull kiddies that light up ur lives!
    all my love and proudly south african greetings :)
    Eline' Engelbrecht


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xx Kirsty

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