Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feminine Curves

 I wore this outfit a couple of days ago and ... this was 3rd day hair! I've discovered that my leftover baby powder (all the way back from Parker's baby days and never used cause, well, what are we supposed to use it for anyway?) works wonders for taking the extra oils out of 2nd day hair. It makes a significant difference and the "dirty" sections are seriously completely gone after I rub it in. Really it's doing the same job as a dry shampoo, except without the price. And I also happen to like the smell of baby powder, so win - win. You should try it! 

But on this day, it was day 3 and I had to wear a hat. Hats are complete life savers for me ... thank goodness they're in full fashion swing this summer. :) This tulip skirt is not the most flattering so I've tried playing with it to find the best silhouette. I thought this particular one worked, the burnt orange silk tank tucked into it's stretchy band, which I wore in the waist. Curvy lines but still pretty. 
 {hat, tank & skirt - Target, bag - Goodwill}

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  1. Funny. I have tried the baby powder trick many times, but I must use too much because I always end up looking like I have grey hair. :)


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