Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun, Sun, Family

Hello lovely readers! I have some photos from yesterday's sun drenched activities. We had an amazing 4th out on the water - boating, swimming, eating, and relaxing. My boys have a thing for that boat and could stay out on the water all day long if they were allowed to. And they all loved swimming out by our little "beach" (it's really a little island where the water shallows and they can walk around), even Elliot! The water was the perfect height for bobbing around in his little floaty with the option of touching the ground if he wanted to. They were in heaven out there. 

Kiddie heaven = mommy heaven

Here are a few photographed moments ... 
A pretty new summery shade - Essie's "Lilacism"
Hope you had a fabulous holiday!
PS: I have a special giveaway coming your way on Friday. You'll have a chance to win your own little lovelies from South Africa. Be sure you're back then!

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