Monday, July 4, 2011

Sweet Little Red Dress

My new favorite! (how many favorites can one have?). This little number has been on my mind for some time now but was always a bit pricey for me ($70 - Gap), though I planned to use my 20% off to snag it cause I still thought it was the prettiest thing ever after visiting 3 seperate times. I think that's the best way to shop, don't you? ... to think on it and if it's still stuck on your mind days (or weeks) later, it's a keeper. There've definitely been several occasions when I've purchased something immediately and then been underwhelmed the next day. Happened to you at all?

So, long story short, I went back during Gap's massive sale last week, one that had become even better a week later (though they swore it would end after the weekend) and I found my dress was on sale and then 40% off of that price. Woohoo!

It was mine! 
(actually, my sister and I found some incredible pieces at this sale - beautiful blazers at uber good prices, stunning floor length skirts, denim for our men ... it was positively splendid. :) 
Layered some of my favorite gold bracelets, going for delicate jewelry this time round, though I can think of a million ways to wear this dress (through the cooler months too!) and I think chunkier jewels would look great too. Will have to have another go at it next month and share "red dress redone" with you. My grandmother sent this little blue opal pendant with my mom for me. It has matching ear rings and is seriously beautiful. I'll treasure it forever. 
Loved the summery criss cross at the back. 
And on Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a cup of tea. The big boys both love drinking tea with me and we're all Rooibos fans. Thank you Chika for our brand new batch! But our absolute heaven is to have it with rusks and we were sure to request some of those too. 
I'll have to look for some more "manly" tea cups. haha. Here's how we like to do it ... :)
Mmm, mmm, mmm. 

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