Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inspiration is Everywhere!

I stumbled across these gorgeous shots of the most interesting and inspiring interiors I've seen in a good month now. I thought you might like them too. :)
Art wall extravaganza to follow ...
{1-4 - Bodie & Fou, 5-6 - Pinterest}
With the return of my dear family from their overseas travels, I've caught a nasty case of the travel bug. It's a happy holiday weekend here in the US, but I'm dreaming instead of being far, far away. I miss you G & G and C. Hope you know that I love you so much and would do just about anything to see you again, soon! I suppose that for us, travel is that one thing that we need to "give up" for this short time in our lives. There's really not anything else that we have to do without (there are things, but none that are really important to us) while we have little ones. But traveling with the family seems to be one of those things and though it's hard, I get it. But gosh, I miss those grandparents of mine so much and it's a little scary, you know, at this moment in our lives, to not see them every single day. Those people mean the absolute world to me! 
Feel like I should leave you on a more cheerful note - so happy 4th July! Hold your family tight and enjoy this sunshine. :)
xx Kirsty

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