Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Layering for Fall

Today I'm sitting by an open window, the 70-something degree fresh air drifting in through the bug screen (just ruined that romantic visual, didn't I?). It's the perfect temperature outside today and it's so nice to be able to turn the air conditioner off and enjoy that fragrant breeze in my home. Just need a chai tea perched on my side table to make this moment idyllic. :)

So this is how I would take a summer dress (we all have so many of those) and wear it well into autumn. I seem to have collected an assortment of blazers over the summer, as they were all at monster sale prices during that time when no one wanted to wear them. I've always thought it would be a good idea to do this sort of shopping (winter coat in April when it's 90% off) but I usually can't bare it (don't want to look at a winter coat in April much less buy one). I leave that sort of super shopping up to my mother-in-law who is the queen of $1.50 finds! It's boggles my mind. 

This blazer was a $99 beauty at Gap, the only one of it's kind hanging there, along with a black suit-y type and a sequined version (you know how I LOVE to sparkle for the holidays!). They came home with me for $9-$11 each and I think that the black one will become my best friend soon enough. We should all own a black blazer. Pronto girls!

Now for the layering ...
* As afore mentioned, layer that baby up over your summer dresses (sexy cardis are an equally lovely, slightly more casual option) or transform them into skirts with a chunky sweater come winter. So many of your dresses will look gorgeous well into the cold. 
* Try a pair of nubby knee or thigh high socks, so popular in the mags last winter and now making their way into mainstream mamma world. I know they're a little scary and I'll admit that I've had a grey pair for at least 3 years, only gutsy enough to try them now. I think they would also look great layered over a pair of tights with your knee high boots (just make sure the colors work well together - I'd try a darker beige or a deep eggplant with this outfit). Subtle layering makes it work .... I think they become "sexy" when you pair them with mary jane pumps. You agree? We don't want sexy socks, thanks. Just cute and cozy. 
{blazer - Gap, dress - Fossil, socks - Free People, boots - South Africa}
I'd love to feature some of your favorite personal looks here. So if you ever get snap happy on your dress up days, please send a picture to me at and we'll make it a weekly post if the pics keep coming my way. We're all eager to see how you like to strut it. So recruit your man and strike a pose! 

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  1. Let's discuss your boots--the detailing is fantastic!! This is a wonderful outfit from head to toe. I love the print on your dress--perfect color, too.



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