Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wearing Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

 I spent some time working on another article for a family mag we have here in the Green Bay (and surrounding cities) called Apples Families. While the first article focused on transitioning an outfit from day to night with a few simple additions, this one similarly takes your summer wardrobe into fall with a few added layers to keep it cozy. 

While I adore fall fashion and always feel the most exhilarated at the prospect of reinventing my look and my wardrobe for a new season with all of those endless and gorgeous new possibilities in stores (and runway), I'm still a little sad to say goodbye to my favorite shorts and summer dresses (and for almost 8 months!). But one of the most enticing things about dressing for cooler weather, for me at least, is the chance to layer my clothing. It certainly makes things more interesting and you can take a stand out piece  and make it look different every time you wear it, depending on how you layer. 

So this time I took my cut offs, something I've lived in this summer and then one of my favorite summer dresses (will post that one tomorrow), and I added a few layers to make them wearable when the chills come our way. Well, at least for a little while. :)

* I love layering with both vests and scarves cause they look great over a t-shirt or a nicer blouse
* adding a pair of textured tights under your (nicer) shorts is a chic, alternative way to warm those legs
* switch out your sandals for comfy booties (for the mamma that prefers comfort over height) 
* and remember, fall is the perfect time to try richer jewel tones when you layer and accessorize
And for back to school? My little guys aren't too eager to switch to pants either, so I don't fight them too hard on that one. Instead ...
* layer them on top with long sleeve t's and light weight sweaters
* little rockstars are all about cute hats - so have at it!

Basically, the same rules apply! 
{On me: shirt - Fossil, vest - Aerie, scarf & booties - Target, cut offs - T J Maxx
On P: hat & cut offs - Sweet Peas (GB), sweater & sneakers - Zara kids
On M: shirt & Converse - Gap kids, shorts - Sweet Peas (GB)}

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