Thursday, September 15, 2011

Business Caszh

 Today's outfit is, I think, a mix of polished and relaxed, what one might wear if one worked at say ... a law office? But only if I were the coffee-running assistant to someone more important because she surely would be in a pencil skirt, silk tie blouse and (demurely) sexy heels. Or perhaps that's just the case on TV. And obviously my denim button up would be too relaxed for an office of that sort. So I think I might wear this if I was actually a barista at the coffee shop just downstairs of that law office.  Except now that I look at the pics, these pants with those booties seem to give off a nurse-worthy scrub vibe. So really ... nix all I just said.

I wore this, in fact, to MOPS. Yep. A tad overdressed perhaps, but really, you just never know  ... What I liked about these black pants is that they're chinos and so I could wear them in rotation with my denim and cords instead of having to reserve black pants for date nights or freezing mornings at church. They're slimming, so why not wear them daily. Celebrities always seem to wear black pants so effortlessly and frequently. Thought I'd see what all the fuss was about. Granted, I might need a pair of "Minnie"s from J Crew to really understand the obsession but still ... we do what we can.
{blazer - H&M, top - Gap, pants - Target, booties - T J Maxx}

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