Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FNO Video Deluxe

Here it is! Fashion's Night Out, behind the scenes. Hope you enjoy!

{Thank you to my huz for this amazing thing and for being the crazy bomb diggity. Seriously.}


  1. Kirsty,

    TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!:-) You did a fantastic job and can certainly strut the cat walk!! Great video work, Huz!:-)


  2. Seriously! He is the bomb diggity. Couldn't have thought of a better way to put it. It was such a fantastical night - one to remember forever. Thanks for letting us share that experience with you. You look H.O.T. and your camera man did a lovely job capturing the event. Way to go, you two.

  3. Love the Fashion's Night Out Video! Kirsty you looked so fabulous!! Thanks so much!

    Jill & Shanna

  4. That video wad awesome! And to think it was only a few blocks from where I live! I must attend next year cause it looked like so much fun!

    - Sue


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xx Kirsty

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