Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crafty Moments {Can't Wait to Try}

With September almost behind us (where did it go?) and the real goodness of autumn knocking at our doors, I thought I'd take on a little project for my seasonal frame (how it looked last fall - here, this spring - here). This time I'm itching to make my own set of fall leaves to cluster inside and/or around the frame and I think it's the perfect time to use pages out of books. What a romantic way to decorate! I found this picture and was inspired to get going.
Pretty amazing, isn't it? And easy enough ... don't even think I need a tutorial (but we'll see). And then I saw these simple and sweet felt leaves, a cute addition to a random book shelf here and there. 
Now just to find the time! Will post pics when I'm done so we can see if the results were as pretty as they are here. Happy Sunday!

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