Monday, September 26, 2011

Wet Leopard

The rain has been constant for the last two days but it wasn't going to keep me from a few outfit shots! I've not spent much time in Old Navy in the past, gosh, 3 years perhaps. But when I popped in for a look at the Halloween costumes last weekend I noticed a few other things that were really quite sweet. My favorites were the "silk" button up blouses, absolute copies of my lovely J Crew versions but for only $20 (usually $29)! Couldn't pass that up, so I picked out a leopard and a deep green and here's my #1.

Bit of a wet rabbit at this point but at least you can see some of the details. Not bad huh? I've also been taken with wearing tiny gold bands on a couple of fingers (the idea actually came from Kristen Wiig's pretty rings in Bridesmaids}. I have a cluster of leafy rings from Banana that I separated to try that effect and wore the second one on the other side of the knuckle, something else I've seen on a couple of my favorite blogs. I liked it, though in this photo it looks as if the ring has become a tourniquet! Not so friends, not so.
{jacket - Lauren Conrad for Kohls, blouse - Old Navy, skirt - Express, shoes - Target, rings - Banana Republic}

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  1. You look great! I love this outfit. If I didn't have wrinkly grandma hands I would totally do rings like's so pretty :)


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