Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keeping Cozy

Feeling cozy today in my comfy sweater and boots, the perfect ensemble for a day up north I think. For such a day we'd take a long, dreamy drive with endless stretches of brilliant color dancing alongside the road as we flew by. And we'd stop for breakfast at my favorite inn (decorated to the brim in all things autumn), where I'd indulge in cherry stuffed french toast. Then we'd likely buy a too-pretty-to-eat pie to bring home to enjoy with coffee later. And let's not forget a few moments by the water's edge just to take in that magnificent view. Plus oodles of photos of it all.

Fall is such a magical time.
{sweater - Besselli (GB), shirt - H&M, jeans - Forever 21, boots - T J Maxx, heart locket - antique market}

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