Friday, September 30, 2011

Good {Sleepy} Friday

Hello friends! I'm not quite top notch this morning as I spent a few hours like this (above) last night, sleeping on the floor next to the fireplace with little E. You see, our power went out at 9pm-ish and so we had a few boys moving around throughout the night, trying to get comfortable without their night lights and fans humming. Elliot did well for the first 30 minutes but soon after that he woke up FULLY and prepared to have some fun! The sweetest part is that he was obviously very chuffed by the whole thing (up in the middle of the night, hanging with mom and dad by the fire) and couldn't give us enough kisses. Literally kissed us over and over as we pretended to sleep next to him. Haha. Sweet little man. 

We eventually put him back in his crib 2 hours later, hoping the power would be fixed soon after, and he did fall asleep eventually. But then Monty and Parker joined us not too long after and we had a family sleepover in mom and dad's room. So musical beds all night long.

Power is on now ... 12 hours later. And my head is throbbing. :)

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