Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Endings

Well, Friday certainly started off on a wobbly foot .... however, happy to say, it turned into a really lovely day. We spent some time outside rummaging through the tree debris scattered all over the ground (after the previous night's manic winds) and Parker found plenty of foliage he was just dying for me to photograph. 

Side Note - Please note missing tooth ... first ever! The tooth fairy came and left behind 3 quarters, a candy corn which she stole from our kitchen cupboard and, best of all, "pixie dust" which is now in a little baggie in a special drawer (hidden from brothers) that Parker revisits every so often to peek at again. 

P: "Pixie dust looks an awful lot like glitter."
Me: "Really?" 
P: "Hmmm ... maybe glitter is made out of pixie dust." 
Me (eyes twinkling): "Yeah, makes sense."
(wearing dad's shoes)
Then he wanted to take a few pics of me. So let's do an outfit post, shall we?
{sweater - BB Dakota from Besselli (GB), leggings - T J Maxx, boots - Sam Edelman}

And then soon after, I tried making my leaves. I found a very old copy of George Eliot's Silas Marner and though I felt a little distraught at the notion of cutting out its pages, eventually it was done and off we went. Parker helped me out and this is something of how it looked, though they're on the inside of the top of the frame now. 

I'm very happy with the end result! Definitely a super easy and awfully romantic way to do some crafty holiday decorating. 
All the while Monty rocked out on the drums with his head phones on, as cool as humanly possible. 
Hope you had a great one today! Picked up something sparkly for an October giveaway that will start next week. You're going to love it so stay tuned!

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  1. love your top! i've been looking for something similar with no luck yet...


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