Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Best {Remixed}

On Sunday I wore one of my favorite dresses, my little red number. I've worn it now on 3 separate occasions and remixed it into a "skirt" for the second time (here's the 1st look and the 2nd look).

There are lots of things that I love about this outfit - playing with the combo of tomato red with black and grey (really love any bright pop of color mixed with a neutral), my very old pair of mary janes making a rare appearance, a sweet pair of polka dot tights, and that awesome studded clutch! Now that's my true favorite - the perfect way to make any look a little edgy and much, much cooler.

I suppose that combination is what I'll really love about a look, a perfect mix of romantic boho (flowy, lace-y, sparkly, vintage-y pieces) meets a dash of that edgy rocker (Doc Martens, leather jackets, studded anything). Someone that "edgy" would never say the word "dash", now would they? So I guess I'm a wannabe. :) Free People does this so well but to make it work for me and my lifestyle, I have to take it down several (bazillion) notches.
 {necklace & bracelet - Limited, sweater, dress, blazer, clutch & tights (wow!) - Gap, shoes - Arden B}
Twas a bit windy on this afternoon, so you'll have to excuse a fairly lame attempt to keep my eyes open. 

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