Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Night Friday

 I'm catching you at the tail end of my day, wishing you a fantastic weekend with plenty of sweets, treats and perhaps a vampire romance? No never!

This is what I was up to today. I had the pleasure of photographing a tiny lady who is but a week old, Ivy Jane. Many more photos to come, as I've barely had a chance to look through them all (how is it possible to take 300 pictures and hardly blink an eye - she was amazing!). 

In addition to baby photos, a have done laundry non-stop for the past 2 days. My new washer and dryer finally arrived after what seemed like eons. So my entire house has been on the spin cycle and best part? - these machines literally play us a happy song at the end of each cycle. We're all in hysterics over it. Complete joyful madness. 

I also sold my boys bunk beds right from under them today, my first successful Craigslist posting. Guess they'll be sleeping on the floor until Santa brings their new beds. 

Till Monday! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures of one of the most precious baby girls alive! Thank you Kirsty!


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