Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday Best {festive leather}

I've been dying to give a (p)leather skirt a try and I've seen it so much in the blogging world, that I was convinced I could somehow make it work for me. Not so! I've tried again and again and it's usually awful. I often end up looking like I'm attempting a super hero persona (leather pants included). In fact, I actually have a real leather pencil skirt from the 80's but it's a terribly unflattering fit and I go to the other extreme, somehow looking very matronly in it. Completely bizarre. It sits high in my waist and then curves out dangerously at the hips, causing my child baring hips to look like have had 12 children instead of a mere 3. Not good. 

So anyway, I think I finally did it (a risk I was willing to take at only $14)! I thought I'd try to layer it casually to take away from it's intensity but this was not an easy piece to style. Took me a good 3 or 4 tries before it looked "right". What do you think though? Right or wrooooong?
{shirt, bracelet, & skirt - Forever 21, sweater - Gap, shoes - Arden B}
And, of course, little E. 
{shirt - Chaps Ralph Lauren (gift), pants - Gap, shoes - Woolworths (SA)}

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  1. I adore your blog! Beautiful pictures and great outfit! I am a brand new follower and I can't wait to reading more. Have a great week.


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