Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lovin' My Leopard {Day to Night}


No, I'm not referring to the huz here ... though I can see how you might think that. It's my great love for leopard print, rather, that I'm sharing with you today, wearing it for day and dressing it up for night. 

So this is how I wore it today ...
 Making it a little more casual by adding a floaty pop of color underneath and a comfy sweater on top. And a pair of loafers are perfect for keeping any casual look just that, but with a touch of chic. 
 For evening, I thought I'd keep the foundation pieces there but take away the layers. To make it a little more glamorous for date night, I'd add a clutch, another piece of jewelry (today it was a necklace) and a pair of heels. Viola - I'm ready to go and without hardly any trouble at all! (though a smudge of black eyeliner and some lip gloss would really be the cherry on top). 

(*Insert song - "This is how we do it" - Montell Jordan. Yep, that's what came to mind. I'm so old school ;)
{sweater - Tulle from Besselli (GB), necklace - Loft, blouse - Old Navy, tank blouse - Aerie, pants - Express, clutch - Gap, ring - H&M, flats - Forever 21, heels - Nine West from TJ Maxx}

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