Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretty Picks {winter whites}

Morning friends! I'm feeling so inspired this morning by creamy whites, soft and furry, tucked in for the white of winter ahead. 

Leaving the beauty of warm sunsets behind for the magnificence of freezing snow.
I've decided to try my hand at a few crafts this holiday season, new budget friendly decorations for around the home. I plan on making similar Christmas jars with the mason jars I found at Goodwill and a few bottle brush trees ... 
 ... and flocking all our pinecones from the backyard (well, a bundle of them) and hanging them from the window I picked up from the side of the road last month. Been hoping for a sweet project to inspire me to use them for the holidays and here it is!
 Always become a little obsessed with warm and (often) furry blankets and throws in the winter. Will be throwing them over everything (except the stove perhaps?). 
 Always love any ideas for displaying jewelry and these 2 options are lovely (another way to repurpose those windows perhaps?).
And now for the more indulgent side of shimmery white. 

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  1. you've inspired me, wonderful photos!


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