Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One of My Favorites

I'm sitting at my dining table this morning, looking out the window, astonished at what I see. It's as if the angels are up there above us, sprinkling big handfuls of silver glitter over our neighborhood. It's incredibly beautiful! The sun is shining brightly and I can't see any clouds in the sky, and yet, it snows. We're inside a bright, shiny snow globe and it's spectacular!

I thought I'd show off a much adored Christmas prez, one from the huz. It's this gorgeous grey coat, a little something I picked up at Anthropologie a couple of weekends ago. 

Funny story actually. I fell in deep and devoted love with about 10 things at the store that weekend and so, in an effort to narrow it down, I asked him to tell me how much I could spend on my Christmas gift. Terrible, I know. It was just so hard to choose! And his response ... "Just use wisdom". 

Awesome. I had absolutely no hope in passing that test. Doomed from the start. 

Thank you dear, dear man!
 Still feeling festive it seems, in my red and plaid. Our Christmas tree came down yesterday (sad I know) because it was dead as a doornail. We'll fix that next year though. It was a little mistake we made this time, as my dad was there to help us get the tree (husband in a arm cast) and between the two of us, we never managed to get a fresh cut. He's used to an artificial tree and I'm usually too busy with the kids to notice what the heck is going on. Oh well.

But I've rearranged much of the living room since the tree retired which is something to be excited about. So it's not all tears entirely. The kids are actually pretty chuffed with how the family room now looks, mostly because we were given a brand-spanking-new-and-awesomely-huge-while-not-too-disgusting plasma TV! Will have to photograph all the little changes to share soon. Quality of life is much improved now that the other monstrosity is gone. Ha!
 When shopping in Chicago I noticed a continued fondness for black leggings among the "city" women. I have to admit that I've been over leggings for a couple of years now, (1) because I've never thought them to be flattering and (2) because I prefer denim any day. 

But I took note of a few legging-ed looks that really stood out with the purpose of trying those ol' things again myself. This particular pair of pants is a hybrid, as they have a zip and pockets but definitely have that legging/hide nothing quality about them. 
 {coat - Anthropologie, scarf - knit by mom, shirt - husbands from H&M, pants - T J Maxx, socks - Free People, boots - J C Penney}

What did you get for Christmas?

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  1. Kirsty you should not be worried about the leggings! Trust me you are gorgeous! And I got an original painting by none other than Mr Garcia! (I have yet to see the finished product, it is still in production) I have been suggesting or begging rather since we met for him to make me something! 7 years of marriage & 3 kids later, I finally got it!


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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