Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Room Makeover {for the big boys}

The boys received an early Christmas present soon after school got out - these loft beds! I had planned to replace the garage sale bunk beds for awhile and after they were snatched up from Craigslist (amazing how many people contacted me and were willing to put up with those for only $25), we set out to find a replacement. I had originally planned on grabbing something at Ikea but their grandma found these loft beds at Walmart and I thought they were perfect! 

The boys love the space underneath for storing all of their new toys (it's just 3 little steps off the ground).
My mom had these pillowcases monogrammed for them for Christmas. So perfect!
The one thing that daddy actually picked out for the boys for Christmas was something for their new room. He found some cool LED track lighting at Ikea and stood there playing with the remote for some time before he shared his plans with me. You see, the remote changes the colors from red to blue, to green, to yellow. You get the picture. So he installed them on the outside of the bed, facing the wall, and now the boys can fall asleep to colors dancing on the wall as a night light. Needless to say, they're in heaven with their fancy new beds. 

On the other side of the room is Parker's vintage school desk (pictured above) and their cubicle bookcase (pictured here). So squeezing two twin beds into a medium sized room along with some storage, a desk and plenty of toys, is not that difficult at all when the beds are raised and you get to keep all of that floor space. Genius!

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