Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best of 2011

Happy New Year to all of my bloggie friends out there! I've had such an incredible 2011 and am so excited for all that's to come in 2012. Thank you for coming along with me as I've kept this happy place going each day. It's such a blast for me and knowing you're there makes it so worth it!

Here are a few of my favorite moments in 2011. 

The best outfits:
I loved wearing prints this year even more than solid colors (thought color blocking was a fun challenge) and lace remained my absolute obsession time and time again. In February I even took a 28 for 28 challenge during which I remixed the same 28 items in my wardrobe for the entire month! (little E helped me out with many of my pics that month).
Parker grows up:
This was a huge year for my first born (and his emotional mamma) as Parker graduated from Kindergarten and started first grade! Many tears were cried and mountains were climbed but in the end, this now 7 year old had a exceptionally brain exploding year and developed into a more confident and smart little guy.  
A wonderful surprise!
My wintery home was featured at Apartment Therapy (ugly painting and all!) and soon after I had my "extraordinary day" (a call from the Nate Berkus show - not even joking either!). 
A sweet summer:
We spent an amazingly beautiful summer in the sun - swimming, boating and wilderness exploring all summer long. It was also a time for growing and changing, more so in my little E than anyone else. He grew out of his crib and into Monty's clothes and his adored orange hair went a very subtle strawberry blonde. Parker learned how to swim like a fish and Monty polished his soccer skills. It was a dreamy and steamy summer. 
I had so many special moments with family, 2 of my favorites being a date night riding bikes along the river to a dinner overlooking the water and the other being a recent trip to Chicago for endless eating and Christmas shopping. 
Party (super) hard:
And we've thrown some amazing parties and celebrated many birthdays, keeping our crafting skills polished!
It's been all about family, me and my 4 guys. All about us. And I've loved doing life with them. :)
Happy New Year!

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