Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crafty Thursday {a bejeweled collar}}

I broke out the ol' needle and thread this morning, attempting to recreate a little something I've sorta loved for a while now (this collar at Crewcuts). I'm not all that good with a needle and thread, but you really don't need to be and I was pretty chuffed with the results!

I found this stunning collar and cuffs (from the 1950's!) at our local antique mall for just $23. They're seriously beautiful, so you can imagine my excitement over the notion that I could possibly make my very own "modern" collar, similar to the one I'd goggled at many times before. 

Here is the set as I bought it. 
I found a couple of thin velvet ribbons. Well, actually I cut them off of an old jewelry bag that I wasn't using. But they were delicate and adorable and perfect for the job. 
And the result!
Wouldn't it be perfect over a flouncy little black dress? 

Meantime, little "smarty pants" E sipped OJ and soaked it all in, nodding his approval. 
Now for those cuffs!

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