Friday, January 6, 2012

Layering an Outfit for Winter {how to}

Happy hip-hip hooray Friday! 

I have something a little different today, slightly along the lines of those day to night posts (here and here) from before, sort of tutorial-y. I've mentioned again and again that I love layering in the winter. It's really what gets me through this season as I do not have the warmest of wardrobes (I have never ever in my life worn long johns!). So layering keeps me cozy and it allows me to wear even the summery pieces I own in the winter months, remixing at it's best! 

So here I have a look, started from "scratch"and built to it's grand finale layer by layer. 

Let's start with a breezy chiffon tank and leggings, a look in itself that, if gutsy enough, one could wear alone perhaps during those in-between seasons. I feel a little uncomfortable and sort of "naked" with just this on so let's move on, shall we?
{tank - Aerie, pants - T J Maxx, watch - grandpa's}

 Now we'll layer a long sleeve black t and add a pair of boots. The boots take these pants from not-too-flattering to downright spectacular. :) I like the longer tank because it peeks out at the bottom and camouflages my problem areas. This look is great on it's own but to take it up a notch I'd ...
{t - Gap, boots - J C Penney}

... layer a cozy cardi, which just so happens to add a bit of flair to the look with it's southwest inspired print. This too is perfect for all sorts of occasions, from running around town with the kids to meeting your girlfriend for a quick lunch. I love wearing both the first layer look and the second. 
{sexy cardi - Besselli (GB)}

 And finally, the big shebang at the end. Layer on the accessories for the "wow!" factor.  
{necklace - gift from mom from SA, hat - mom's vintage}

I could do a date night in this final look. Some of you would prefer to stay at look #1 and others might take it a step further, adding a furry coat and fringed bag. Whatever makes you feel like a thousand bucks!

(Aside: Look, I know that you already know how to layer an outfit, but just humor me. It seemed like a smashing idea at the time! And after offending about 75% of Green Bay's church going population earlier this week, I figured I owed it to you to share something really useful today. Hope it was! - fingers crossed :)

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